Kubota KX033-4 Rubber Tracks



Kubota KX033-4 Compact  Excavator  Tracks

Our  Kubota KX033-4 Rubber Tracks are high Quality aftermarket track backed with a 2 YEARS WARRANTY. Guaranteed fit to your Kubota Compact Excavator. We have Multiple Warehouses all across North America for Faster Shipment to any Location. 

KX033-4 Track Size: 300×52.5×84

Weight:  330 lbs.

Our Production Unit uses a specially formulated rubber compound. Which is highly resistant to cutting and tearing under a wide range of temperatures.

Inside each Kubota KX 033 – 4 Rubber Track there are multi strand steel cables. That wound in a tight spiral to create a wide continuous belt. That proven to be more reliable than regular overlapping steel cores.

Then a highly engineered bonding adhesive applied. That have hot dipping the drop-forged steel inserts. These ensure that our products durable enough. Also, withstand the most extreme conditions you put your  Kubota Mini Ex through.

Advantages of Using  Rubber Tracks For Kubota KX033-4

  • Rubber tracks are much more affordable than steel Tracks and have lower maintenance costs.
  • They are easier to operate and provide better Fuel Consumption than steel tracks.
  • They are terrain friendly that makes them good on sensitive surfaces like concrete, grass, and asphalt. However, Steel tracks are brutal on those surfaces.
  • Usage of them prevents Early wear and tearing of critical undercarriage parts of machinery like idlers and rollers.
  • Our  Rubber Tracks are more speed friendly. They reduce vibration, meaning they driven faster than rigs with steel tracks.
  • Unlike Steel ones, They are more flexible and terrain friendly. increasing the level of driver comfort. You will experience a more pleasant ride and be less Tired over a long day of Work.
  • Easy Installation as compared to steel ones. With the use of a simple mechanical kit. Old worn out tracks can be removed and new ones put onto the machine are a matter of few minutes. That cut the downtime of your machine and will be up and running within the shortest time possible.

All of our products designed to match exact OEM specifications that seamless match to your machine.  we also offer the peace of mind provided with  an Industry leading


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Weight330 lbs